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ARod’s Sued By Wife and he’s going to need a good New York Family/Divorce Lawyer if this case gets transfered to New York.


Claiming that Arod is an adulterer and a bad father, Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce. Clearly, there will be Child Custody issues in this case

Papers filed in Miami say that because of his bad conduct and cheating, he has ruined the marriage. There is no hope of reconciliation.

In an interview published by the New York Post on Sunday, Dodd Romero, Rodriguez’s former trainer and godfather to his two daughters, said he and Cynthia believe the Yankee superstar has been drawn away by Madonna’s allure. It appears, the divorece could have been filed in New York and New York Family/Divorce Lawyer could have handled it. However, MS rodriques chose to file it in Florida.

“Alex, God bless him, is lost,” Romero told the Post. “I think he got pulled in by the dark side, if you can say that nicely. He’s totally brainwashed.”

Houston attorney Earle Lilly, who said he was hired by Cynthia Rodriguez last week to launch the divorce case, told KTRK the star’s “relationship with Madonna was the final straw for Mrs. Rodriguez.”
If you or a family member is involved in a divorce proceeding, a New York Family Lawyer is essential for you. Not having an attorney will lead to trouble in terms of not knowing your rights and options and could be very costly to you.

Rodriguez of The NY Yankees had no comment about the divorce or his relationship with Madonna. Since no criminal activity is involved, a NY Criminal Lawyer will not be necessary.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its Family Lawyers with convenient locations helps people throughout the New York Metropolitan Area including Garden City in Nassau County, Long Island can be of invaluable assistance to you if you find yourself a respondent in a divorce proceeding. Facing charges without professional representation could lead to disasterous results

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