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Benefits of marriage still outweigh the disadvantages


It seems as if marriage has become on outdated institution in recent decades. The partnership between husband and wife has lost its significance as single parent households are becoming more commonplace. Laws have been changed, benefits to singles have been increased, and more children now come from broken homes than ever before. Even so, by all accounts, marriage still has its benefits, says a New York Family Lawyer. 

Aside from the union of two hearts, marriage can be seen as a union of two lives, bound in one common goal to meet the needs of the family. It is much easier to succeed in this world if we are not doing it alone, according to the New York Family Lawyer. Cooperation, the division of time and skills and the sharing of resources are just a few of the benefits that a marriage brings to life. 

The New York Family Lawyer reports that financially, marriage is still the best way to succeed, what with tax breaks for families with children being more available to married couples than non-married couples. Social security is set up for married couples to reap the benefits of their spouse’s years in the work force. Non married couples do not receive such benefits, even if they have been together for years. 

The NY Family Lawyer went on to suggest that even with the financial gains that married couples sustain, such a union should not be entered into strictly for financial reasons. Couples who wish to raise a family together would do well to get married if they are committed to the family and the partnership. All of the financial benefits of marriage mean nothing if the couple ends up divorcing a few years later.

In matters of marriage, civil union and divorce, emotions run high.

Successfully navigating the waters requires the knowledge and reliability of a New York Family Attorney, who can see through the heightened emotional pain and effectively guide you through. Call a New York Family Attorney today for consultation and representation.The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates with convenient locations thorughout the Metropolitan Area, including servicing Rockaway, New York City, can be of invaluable assistance to you if you find yourself a party to a case. Facing the Court without professional representation could lead to disastrous results.

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