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Christie Brinkley Divorced


Christie Brinkley, known for her beauty, is starting to set records for failed marriages. She has announced her separation from her fourth and current husband. A NYC Family Lawyer is constantly involved in these high profile cases. Billy Joel was number two and she and Billy had a daughter together.

After a decade of marital bliss, Brinkley is calling it quits with Peter Cooke. She has a daughter with Cooke, and a son with Richard Taubman who was husband number three. Attorneys in Queens and Staten Island study these cases in case one comes their way.

Taubman made out well when the couple split. He was paid a couple of million to leave the marriage quietly and go on his way. the marriage only lasted 10 months. As for Billy Joel, he was also coming off a failed marriage when he met and married “The Uptown Girl.” He is married again to Katie Lee and that one is still going.

Billy has also been involved in a few bad car accidents and has luckily come out of these crashes in tact. He seems to get in these accidents as he travels the roads of Long Island where her grew up. You would thing he’d navigate those roads easily.

If no one is bringing up a problem with child abuse or child neglect, an order of protection does not have to be enforced. Joel has been in and out of rehab for the past several years.

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