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Divorce Attorney and Ex-Wife Strike Deal,


A Long Island divorce attorney known for his colorful life and celebrity cases has come a bit closer to settling the final details of an ugly divorce, sources informed a New York Family Lawyer. All that remained is the matter of him being arrested for violating an order of protection against her.
The 64-year-old divorce lawyer, who has represented clients including Joey Buttafuoco and Jessica Hahn, has a criminal contempt charge before him in Glen Cove court.
Both the lawyer and his 45-year-old ex-wife agree that the disposition of the house, pool, boat, and custody of their three dogs, however, has been satisfactorily settled. The divorce attorney told a New York Family Lawyer, “I get the dogs, and she gets reasonable visitation.”
He also agreed to leave their home in Glen Cove to her, but he will still be allowed to keep his 38-foot “mini-yacht” that berths in the slip on the property. Since the divorce, well over a year ago, they have been taking two-week-long turns staying at the house, the couple related to a New York Family Lawyer.
The divorce lawyer has had to make two more court appearances after approaching his ex-wife in a Glen Cove bagel shop, violating the order of protection she holds against him. In both court appearances, the divorce attorney had to be repeated asked by the judge to stop staring at his ex-wife, while the attorney himself continued to urge the judge to get on with the trial.
There are few things so complicated and painful as the dissolution of a family. If that time ever comes for you or a loved one, you’ll need the help of a New York Family Attorney. A good New York Family Attorney will find the most equitable way for everyone to get on with their lives as quickly and painlessly as possible.

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