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Ex-Wife of “Law and Order” Creator Claims She Was Cheated, New York Family Lawyer Reports


The ex-wife of the creator of “Law & Order” claims she was cheated out of what could have been hundreds of millions of dollars in her divorce settlement, according to a New York Family Lawyer.
It is her contention that the management company “negligently and/or purposefully” concealed “substantial assets” of the marital estate “prior to the commencement of and during marital settlement proceedings,” or so the court papers said, according to a New York Family Lawyer.
She also says the company, which managed the assets of her ex-husband, did everything “all for the benefit of Mr. Wolf in order to protect their interests in continuing to manage his assets.”
According to her, her advisors did not inform her that the company which she owned with her husband would continue to earn royalties and merchandising for “Law & Order” and it spinoffs. She also says the company’s value was understated to her when the couple decided to split in 2002.
She says they told her the show would make about another $8 million, which is far short of what the show has actually made and continues to make. The company has not commented.
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