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Heidi and Spencer Do Not Get Divorced, says New York Family Law Attorney

There may not be two more horrible people on earth besides Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. The infamous couple from the trashy and disgusting MTV Reality Show THE HILLS were famously married and instantly became one of the most nausiating couples in Hollywood, notes a New York Family Lawyer. With her non-stop plastic surgery taking her from a pretty girl to something out of a horror movie and his plastic smile that reminded viewers of a killer, the two were everywhere, said a New York Family Lawyer. And now they’ve gotten a divorce. Unlike normal people, who divorce for legitimate reasons, these two disgusting human beings divorced for the same reasons they got married: to get publicity and attention. Spencer admitted that they got divorced to help her career, reports a New York Family Lawyer, because apparently being divorced and getting into the tabloids for an extra week will help people forget how much they hated her to begin with.

But, God is up there and he loves us all. A British TV show that was to be based around their divorce fell through and now the couple has called off the divorce, said a New York Family Lawyer. After blowing through more than ten million dollars, Spencer has admitted to a bankruptcy judge that he’s broke and the couple doesn’t know what to do for money. Apparently, being the jerk from the hills isn’t paying off anymore and he isn’t being offered roles, he said.

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