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Lowe’s Wife Hit With Harassment Suit says a Suffolk County Family Lawyer


A second Nanny to the Lowe family has entered the picture and filed sexual harassment charges against Rob’s wife, Sheryl Lowe.

Laura Boyce, the second nanny to make charges, says that Lowe maintained a less than ideal working environment and that she was subjected to situations which made her very uncomfortable. Boyce also asserts that Rob Lowe insulted her boyfriend — an NBA player — and paraded about the house naked.

Boyce says that Lowe inquired about her boyfriend and their sex life as well as discussing her own sex life. The Lowes’ lawyer asserts that Boyce is trying to bring Lowe’s family into the suit with her erroneous charges.

The situation came to a head last April when Rob and his wife filed lawsuits against three of their employees, including Jessica Gibson, accusing all of them of hatching an extortion plot of $1.5 million. Gibson, according to the Lowes, was the one who came up with the idea.

If you’re sued, it is important to have a New York Family Lawyer to defend you. Not having a top lawyer will leave you in danger of losing the suit. You may think the suit is without merit but you still must defend yourself and having a professional attorney to do that is the way to go.

Gibson, was employed by the Lowes for seven years. She has filed a countersuit which claims that Rob committed a plethora of sexually abhorrent acts. This according to a New York Family Lawyer.

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