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Missouri high court sides with immigrant, discusses New York Family Lawyer


The Missouri Supreme Court granted a Guatemalan immigrant a retrial in a lower court over a child custody case. They ruled that the state did not follow law when she was caught in an immigration sweep, according to a New York Family Lawyer.

The court stated that the state terminated her parental rights prematurely, which allowed her son to be adopted by another family. Even thought the court sided with the immigrant, she was not reunited with her son. She will have another hearing before a lower court to determine whether her parental rights should be terminated, a New York Custody Lawyer declared.

The woman was detained when she was working illegally in a poultry processing plant. Instead of allow her to arrange for her 6-month-old son, her custody was terminated and her son was adopted. Her son is now 4 years old and has been with his adoptive parents for over two years now.

Luckily, her son was not left alone. The immigrant’s brother and sister took care of the child before he was placed in foster care. He was taken care of for several months by a couple willing to babysit for the woman. After he was put into foster care, he was adopted, a Nassau Family Custody Lawyer had been told.

The court on Tuesday agreed that even though the woman was an immigrant her rights should not have been terminated. The 14th amendment protects everyone in America, including immigrants. They are entitled to due process and equal protection. The woman’s rights were violated.

In a previous court hearing, a judge determined that she had abandoned her child and her rights were revoked. Previously, she had asked that he be put into foster care until she could care for him herself. The IEC are obligated to release an immigrant if they have a child to take care of. She would have still been charged, but she would have been able to take care of her child. Her son was born a United States Citizen.

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