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Nanny Accuses Lowe of Exposing Himself and Hires a Bronx Family Lawyer


A former nanny for Rob Lowe and his wife has asked for 1.5 million from the actor so, he has decided to go back at her.

Jessica Gibson, who was in the employ of the Lowes for almost seven years, charged that Rob exposed himself to her and then acted out sex movements and touched the employee.

Gibson says that Lowe did these kinds of things many times over the years that she worked for him and Sheryl. He grabbed her and groped her claims the suit which she is bringing. It’s not known what involvement Lowe’s wife had in any of these supposed episodes.

Lowe’s wife Sheryl was also hit hard by the lawsuit. Gibson claims she behaved improperly both in actions and with words discussing her sex life with Lowe while walking around naked.

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According to a New York Family Lawyer, Gibson and her attorney, Gloria Allred, appeared on NBC’s “Today” show on Tuesday where they spoke with Meredith Vieira about the allegations.

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