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Nassau County Family Custody Lawyer reports disagreement is “Jon and Kate plus 8” reality television stars custody arrangement.


Reality television stars Jon and Kate Gosselin have been going through a very public divorce on TLC’s hit how “Jon and Kate plus 8.” While the divorce has not been finalized yet, a temporary custody order has been issued by a family court judge. It has been agreed by both parties, and their Custody Lawyers, the parents will take turns having the children for an entire week straight. During that time, the non-custodial parent will leave the home and have no contact with the children or the home.

According to a New York Custody Lawyer, recently, during one of Jon’s weeks with the children, Kate violated the custody agreement by showing up at the home and demanding to be let in. Her reasoning was that she did not approve of the sitter Jon was using for the children. It was not in the Gosselin’s custody agreement that the custodial parent had to have their babysitters approved by the non custodial parent. When Jon refused to let her into the home, she called the police. The police arrived and told them this is something that will have to be dealt with in a Family Court.

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