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Phil Collins Pays Ex Big-A Nassau County Family Lawyer Can Save You Money


Paul McCartney used to hold the record for most money paid to a wife in a divorce by a British celebrity… no more. He’s been surpassed be Phil Collins.

Orianne Cevey got $46.7 million in a settlement which was 2 million more than the Beatles’ ex, Heather Mills, was able to drain from her husband.
Collins and Cevey were together for six years and Nicolas and Matthew are their children. The two boys make the stakes sky high. There is no report of child abuse and neglect so, an order of protection does not seem necessary says a Nassau County Family Lawyer.

It is very important to have a Nassau County Family Lawyer as your advisor. Important issues involving visitation as well as joint custody and full custody and child support are certain to be argued. A first rate, knowledgeable attorney assures you that you will come out of the proceedings with a reasonable and equitable solution to the family problems in front of you.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates with six convenient locations in the Metropolitan Area including Alphabet City, N.Y. can be of invaluable assistance to you if you find yourself a defendant in a family dispute. Going through an action without a New York Family Lawyer could lead to disasterous results.

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