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Student Gets Reprieve From Deportation


A student and her family got the best kind of present from the government recently, believes a New York Family Lawyer. The 18 year old in the family, who had applied to colleges and universities, was set to be deported back to their home country of Peru. However, immigration officials alerted the student that she and her family could remain in the US because she had been accepted in to UC Berkeley.

The family only found out about the reprieve days before it was scheduled to happen. The mother had already been arrested last year when it was found out that their visas were from 2001 and they had overstayed on them. Besides the mother and daughter, there is a 16 year old brother who also gets to remain in the country. They have until the summer of 2011 to work with a lawyer and get the case settled so they can have permanent legal status in the United States or work something else out.

The 18 year old had been accepted in to the UC Berkeley School in the fall semester, but since her mother had been arrested a few months before, she could not accept the admission She remained at home and attended a local community college in order to take care of her brother and save money for upcoming court expenses. The court expenses deal with her fight to stay in the states and that of her mother’s fight.

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