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Ted Kennedy “Love Child” before Divorce


The National Enquirer is being sued because it published stories about Ted Kennedy and a woman named Caroline Bilodeau-Allen which she claims are completely inaccurate and false. The stories report that Kennedy fathered a “love child” with Ms. Bilodeau-Allen.

The stories were published and alleged that Bilodeau became pregnant by the Senator while he was still married to his wife, Joan.

The moment one becomes embroiled in divorce proceeding, it is truly a must to have a New York Family Lawyer to rely on. Visitation rights and custody issues could be on the table if children are involved. An expert attorney who will advise you gives you a great opportunity of finding a fair minded solution to your marriage and family problems. Only complaints of child neglect or abuse will generate a protection order.

Caroline Bilodeau-Allen says in her suit that practically everything in the articles are completely untrue and bordering on slander. She does have a son named Christopher but denies that he is Ted’s child. The stories also claim that she was offered money to keep quiet as well as other gifts such as cars and expensive animals. Bilodeau-Allen avers that all of these reports are untrue. A New York Family Lawyer can help in these situations.

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