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Underage Drinking Destroys Young Lives


The problem of underage drinking is a significant one in our country, tells a New York Criminal Lawyer. More and more teens are drinking at a younger age than ever before, despite aggressive campaigns to attempt to deter such risky behavior. As a result, families are being destroyed, lives are being lost and unhealthy habits are being facilitated that could affect these young peoples lives in more ways than one. A report last week that teens are drinking beginning as young as age 13. By the time they are 16, the majority of young people have tried alcohol, and some have not only tried it, but have made it their primary source of entertainment and socializing. Of course not only does this sad fact affect the health and emotional stability of these children, but it has other downfalls. Among them, the devastation to the family unit that is caused by the change in the young persons behavior once they have picked up the habit of drinking alcohol. 

When these teens get behind the wheel of a vehicle, it significantly increases the likelihood that they will have an accident. Lack of driving experience combined with the altered perceptions associated with drinking are a recipe for disaster, with the best case scenario being minor property damage caused in a fender bender. The worst case scenario, however, is much more grim. 

Alcohol related deaths are at an all time high.

A Bronx Family Lawyer said that alcohol is a drug that does not discriminate. Abusing this substance destroys lives, not limited to the person doing the drinking. When alcohol related accidents happen, people die. Families are torn apart. And for what? For a joyride at midnight? For a race to make it home by curfew? Parents need to be watchful of their children’s behavior. Know the signs of drinking. Talk to your teens about drinking. Opening the lines of communication and setting a good example can go a long way towards keeping your family from experiencing tragedy.

When the family unit changes due to divorce or custody issues, confusion and sadness can result. Call Stephen Bilkis today for a consultation.

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