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Wrongful Arrest Suit Gets $1.8 Million Settlement


A man who was wrongly accused of rape in 2008 is finally seeing justice being served. The initial case said the man raped his autistic daughter, who also happens to be mute and low-functioning, and the mother did nothing. The case was brought out when a teacher aide helped the girl type, even though she cannot speak or function above a two-year old level, said a New York Family Lawyer.

There was a physical examination, which showed there was no evidence of abuse. However, the man sat in jail for 80 days and his wife, the mother of the child, was also facing charges of abuse from the statement the teacher aide typed, according to a New York Custody Lawyer. The teacher aide has not faced any charges and was not named in the lawsuit against the township that handled the arrest. More lawsuits may be pending in the civil courts.

The case was dropped in March of 2008 because there was a lack of any evidence to prosecute the father or the mother involved. They had to go through a process and have their children removed from Foster Care. They also had lawyer expenses and court costs to cover. The $1.8 million dollar settlement will cover some of those expenses. Even though the family won the case, the township police department where they live maintains they did nothing wrong. They were simply following procedure from the report of an abused child.

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