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16-Year-Old Mother Arrested After Taking Own Child


Daytona Beach police told of a 16-year-old mother who was arrested after taking her baby from a foster home agency that worked with abused and neglected children to give them new homes.

The girl and her baby had been taken to Community Partnership for Children in Daytona Beach, Florida. She was brought in by a caseworker from Jacksonville.

Once the girl understood she and her child were going to be separated, she sent texts to two of her friends, asking them to come pick her up, investigators told NYC Family Lawyers. According to police, she took her baby and ran to the car.

It wasn’t much later until another case worker managed to contact the mother and the baby was returned to the agency.

The girl’s identity has not been released, due to her age, but her age did not stop her from being arrested on a charge of interference with child custody. Her friends were not arrested, however, since they did not know what their friend planned to do. Further details are unavailable at this time.

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