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Charlie Sheen’s Twins not in His Custody


Actor Charlie Sheen has stumbled into a mess of recent struggles. The latest rebuff came when his petition to take custody of his twin sons from his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, was shot down in court. The custody is to remain as an earlier custody agreement outlines. According to a New York City Family Attorney, those records have so far been kept confidential.
Both Sheen and Mueller were at the hearing. It is public knowledge that both have been struggling with sobriety for quite a while. In fact, Mueller just recently returned to rehab.
After the hearing, Sheen left the courthouse surrounded by his security detail and flew straight out to Washington D.C. to perform his stage show. When Mueller left the courthouse she was smiling and even hugged her attorney. She declined to comment, however.
A month earlier, Mueller had imposed a restraining order against Sheen; she referenced a threat Sheen made to her on a recent trip to the Bahamas to behead her. The earlier custody agreement was supposed to have overcome any differences the two were still having about the custody of their children, and many think it would have led Mueller to revoke or amend her restraining order. With this newest filing, it has yet to be seen what the order and the agreement will look like in application. Custody battles in Brooklyn and The Bronx should be handled by local lawyers who are familiar with the laws in those places.
There is much speculation about just what the home life of the twins would be like in the custody of either parent. While it is not the job of the public to ascertain where the toddlers will be best off at, it is the indescribably hard job of lawyers, judges, and the parents themselves, to attain the best environment and support structure for dependents. As New York Family Law Offices know, it is imperative to find the right legal aid for you and your situation. Children, ultimately, depend on the decision you make on who your legal representation will be.
While the custody agreements are supposed to now be settled, the public is expecting to hear of more courtroom time for the former “Two and a Half Men” star and his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller.

Children benefit from having both parents actively involved in their lives, but sometimes this is neither possible nor healthy. In such cases, a Manhattan Family Attorney tells us that it is imperative to seek legitimate legal counsel to ensure the safest and happiest environment for your young charges.

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