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A mom shoots her two children after they talk back


A mom has been charged with shooting and killing her two children, a New York Family Lawyer reported. She is being held without bail until the trial.
Month’s earlier police went to her house after being called about a physical abuse incident. The mom had been fighting with her teen daughter. Her 16 year old daughter claimed she was slapped in the face multiple times after arguing with her mother. No physical injuries were seen so the mom was not arrested at that time, according to a New York Family Attorney. This was the first time police ever had a call concerning the mother.
“It appeared to just be typical tensions that parents have with teenagers,” police spokeswoman Laura McElroy said. “The daughter had talked back; the mother slapped her for it. The daughter was upset that she had been punished and then she also expressed regret for the things she had said to her mother, and she knew that she was wrong. Certainly none of that would be an indication that it was going to rise to the level of a mother killing her children.” The police feel that they did everything according to the law and no action could have been taken against the mother that would have prevented this horrible action.

A police report stated that the 16 year old daughter had been seeing a counselor for a few months before the incident because she has been verbally abusive to her mother. The girl felt bad for yelling at her mom and was trying to learn how to control her emotions. The teen also told her counselor that the mom would slap her in the face if she talked back. The counselor told the teen that slapping in the face is not an acceptable method of punishment.

A New York Family Lawyer indicated that even though this mother of two would sometimes slap her children in the face, no one expected her to shoot and kill them.

This mother has only been a mom for a few years. She was a step mom to these two teen age children. She doesn’t have any biological children of her own.

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