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Divorce settlement for Dodger owners will be decided one asset at a time, report New York City Family Lawyers.


Divorce court is going to require a lot more time and planning than anticipated for the attorneys for Dodgers owners Jamie and Frank McCourt after an agreement they signed early in their marriage was found to be invalid, according to a New York Family Lawyer and court reports, the Judge involved in the case, after much deliberation, ruled their agreement for property attained during their marriage, to be invalid and not presentable in either case.
“What we do now,” said one attorney involved in the case, “is the court is going to have to decide asset by asset how to award the assets.” She went on to say that the judge’s decision would not equate into a 50-50 division in assets, specifically the ownership of the Dodgers ball club.
Frank McCourt’s attorney insists to NY Family Lawyers that he is the sole owner of the Dodgers and plans to plead this part of the case strongly as the case continues.
Jamie McCourt’s attorney was happy with the decision the judge made by not accepting the earlier agreement in the couple’s marriage.
The case and the different rulings are not expected to hurt or help daily operations at the Dodger’s Ball club. NY City Family Lawyers predict the McCourts will likely come closer to a settlement since the decision.

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