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Authorities Find Abducted Girl – More Than 25 Years Later


A 57-year-old Nevada woman, formerly of New Jersey, was arrested on suspicion of abducting her daughter in the middle of a custody suit, all the way back in 1984, sources told a New York Family Lawyer.
The woman, who was living in Incline Village, Nevada, was arrested and accused of fleeing a courthouse in Somerville, New Jersey with her daughter who was then six at the time, on August 23, 1984. The girl’s father had full custody of the girl back then, New Jersey prosecutors told a New York Family Lawyer. On June 28, 1985, the mother was to appear for arraignment on charges of interference with custody and a warrant was issued for her arrest.
Matters changed in 2010, when the girl, now 32 years old, attempted to change her name in order to get a marriage license in Washoe County, prosecutors told a New York Family Lawyer. A background check on the woman under her own name revealed a listing in the National Information Crime Center as a missing child from New Jersey.
“Investing deputies determined that [the mother] had changed her name… and was living in Incline Village,” the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office told a New York Family Lawyer. The mother admitted to her original identity after a brief interview from Nevada authorities. She was arrested and held in a jail, pending extradition to New Jersey. It is unknown why the daughter was attempting to change her name, or if she was even aware that she was abducted.
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