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Actor Has Crazy Night – with Family Next Door says a NYC Family Lawyer

On screen, Charlie Sheen plays a sex crazed, drunk and out of control party animal – and as is often the case life imitates art. It reads like something out of one of Sheen’s movies: passed out drunk in a hotel room next to a hooker with thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage having been done to the establishment, said a New York Family Lawyer. And right next door is your former wife! In a movie this is the part where hilarity would ensue but in real life Sheen ended up having the cops called on him, being booked for several crimes, and becoming late night television fodder.

Perhaps worst of all was the fact that not only was his former wife right across the hall but so too were his children, noted a New York Family Lawyer. Sheen and his ex-wife, Denis Richards, had taken their kids to a local museum where the four of them took in the sights and learned a bit of history. It capped off what was said to be a lovely weekend in New York City, reports a New York Family Lawyer. Richards admits that she did bring Sheen back to his hotel room but refuses to comment further. She notes that this is all very public and that her children can see and hear many of these details and she is doing whatever she can to protect them.

Sheen and Richards had a very public and somewhat nasty divorce, one that was often times fought in public and clearly caused pain to all involved.

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