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Brinkley Trial Bombshells Come Early..A New York Family Lawyer says protect yourself.


After finding out that her husband was having sex with a teenager, Christie Brinkley said at her divorce trial that she was “completely shattered.”

The famous model was on the stand after the Court heard the testimony of her husband, Peter Cook, the day before. No criminal activity was charged by either side.

Brian Platt, the teenager’s step-father tapped Brinkley on the shoulder, she said through tears, and told here that Cook was having an affair with his daughter. He tried to get Cook to stop but Cook couldn’t stop the liason.

Brinkley was in denial but had to face the truth at a graduation ceremony where he said that he didn’t do it: “My God, it’s true. He did do that.”

Cook testified that he gave his mistress, Diana Bianchi, a few hundred thousand as a payoff, had sexual encounters in his office and Brinkley’s Hamptons homes. He also spent tons of money for porn on the InterneT.

It’s is unknown whether they consulted with a New York Family Lawyer and had a pre nuptual agreement drawn up. Clearly, Christie should have.

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