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Bronx Man Injects Wife with Poison


Authorities have told a New York Family Lawyer that a Bronx man allegedly injected his wife with poison before drinking it himself. Although reports are sketchy at this moment as to whether he stuck the needle into her buttocks or into her arm, the one report that is clear is that soon after the injection the 35-year old woman lapsed into a coma and died the next day.

The couple had only recently moved into the building due to a fire that had occurred at their former residence. The neighbors told a New York Family Attorney that since the couple had been unable to obtain a loan to assist them after the fire that the stress in their relationship became increasingly clear.

This stress continued to the point that police were dispatched to the couple’s residence on at least three occasions, with the latest being on Sunday, the day before this latest incident. The argument had reportedly been so bad, that the woman fled the couple’s apartment to go to her sister’s apartment that is in the same building. It was at this point that police were called to the scene, during which they filed a domestic violence report and then left, witnesses told a Nassau County Family Lawyer.

According to sources, the woman had returned the following day, Monday, in order to get some of her belongings. While her brother-in-law waited for her outside the man’s apartment, is when the woman’s husband reportedly injected her with the poison. After her 41-year old husband injected her with the poison, he is said to have drank an unspecified amount of the liquid himself. The woman immediately yelled from the window to her waiting brother-in-law for help before she is alleged to have fallen into a coma. She died the next day.

As part of the New York Police Department’s (NYPD) ongoing investigation, they are attempting to learn how the man was able to obtain the poison, which has been identified as cyanide. Cyanide is commonly has many legitimate uses including mining, industrial, jewelry making, during the final stages of making bronze sculptures, and many more. It is usually not readily available to the general public due to its toxicity.

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