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Man arrested for putting seven children in danger while driving


After drinking beer all day long, a 23-year-old man was recently pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving, said a New York Family Lawyer. What the police didn’t expect to find were seven children in his car. The man allegedly had three of the children in the trunk and four in the backseat all unrestrained and all under the age of 15.

“I was taking the kids to a birthday party,” he said, “and the only way I could fit them all in the car was to put some in the trunk,” he went on to say. The man was arrested for drunk driving and child endangerment.

“His blood alcohol level was. 16, which is twice the legal limit.” The man reportedly admitted to having several beers throughout the day and claims the children were never in any danger and weren’t scared.

According to police reports, the 23-year-old had no prior arrests and was left in charge of the seven children. He claimed he hadn’t planned on having to take them to the birthday party according to court reports.

“I wouldn’t have had that many beers had I known I was gonna have all those kids in the car,” He said. “But I had no choice because they were handed off to me at the last minute.”

He will be facing DUI charges and seven counts of child endangerment, which could mean a hefty sentence and loss of his license. The man said he was worried about the charges because he had a lot of bills to pay and couldn’t afford to not be working all that time.

“My bills have really built up these past few years,” he said. “I need to be working right now to pay them off. I’m sorry about what happened but nobody was hurt.”

The children’s parents could not be reached for comment but critics say they are partially responsible for the situation. This case could take a lot of time and deliberation because of all the variables involved.

The children in the car were unable to make comments on the case but police involved in the investigation say they are doing fine and were never afraid for their safety during their ride with the 23-year-old. “They trusted him and it’s a shame,” said the officer.

Being charged with multiple crimes involving children and alcohol requires the right representation. Often domestic or family law matters are combined with crimnal issues. A New York Criminal Lawyer is here to help. New York Family Attorneys will see you through and make sure you are tried carefully and fairly.

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