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Though it is true that parents are legally responsible for their children’s actions, it is a fact that kids will make their own decisions in the heat of the moment, and not all of those decisions will be well thought out. All kids make mistakes, no matter how well they have been parented. For this reason, our legal system finds it easier to show compassion for first time offenses when a teenager is involved, according to a New York Family Lawyer. 

As a society, we tend to give young people the benefit of the doubt, brushing off first time offenses like possession of alcohol. The New York Family Lawyer reports that in the case of alcohol, leniency may only exacerbate the problem. If children get off the first time, they will often repeat their behavior again later, and when alcohol and automobiles are involved, the combination can be deadly. 

A new proposal is in the works for cities such as Boulder. This new proposition would punish for first time offenses, but would then effectively seal the arrest records so that their offense would not be visible on their permanent record. This would make it easier for them to get a job in the future, and they would still get the effects of a more stringent punishment for their first offense, in hopes that it would deter them from future offenses. 

Underage drinking has the potential to destroy families and lives. It is imperative that we teach our children not to make these mistakes the first time. But if they do make a mistake, if their first offense is followed by punishment rather than a slap on the wrist, it is likely that they won’t choose to repeat it. 

Families in Nassau and Suffolk Counties in crisis need stable support and a strong, knowledgeable hand to guide them.

if your family comes under scrutiny or if life changing events occur, call a New York Family Attorney for the guiding hand that will help you. A New York Family Attorney has the expertise and experience to point you in the right direction.

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A father in Queens has been arrested for violently shaking his eight month old son to death. The father admitted to officials to repeatedly shaking and even punching the baby in the back when he could not get him to stop crying. The baby was on life support for over a week at Schneider Children’s Hospital but could not recover from his extensive injuries and passed away. The mother of the child had left their home on errands, and upon returning only twenty minutes later, found the father calling authorities for help, remarks a New York Family Lawyer. The boy’s injuries included a lacerated liver, severe eye and brain damage, and rib fractures. The organs of the child were donated once he was removed from the life support system. The father’s original charge is endangering the welfare of a child and assault, but he could be elevated to a murder charge upon facing the grand jury. The District Attorney was shocked that a father could inflict this brutal abuse on such a young and innocent child. Authorities in Nassau and Suffolk County treat these cases very seriously as they should.

Two other children in Queens under the age of two have died from the same brutality in the last month, at the hand of their babysitters. The sitters have been charged with second-degree murder. A third child was also critically injured from a shaking incident. A NY Family Attorney states that no child should be shaken for any reason. It only takes three seconds of this violent act to cause death or damage that cannot be repaired.

Families traumatized by child abuse should contact a New York Family Lawyer. These innocent ones deserve to be protected from such violence. Call a New York Family Lawyer today if your angel has been victimized.

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