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The Supreme Court in South Dakota has ruled in favor of grandparents being granted parental custody of their grandchildren, said a NY Family Lawyer. This ruling is being seen as a victory for children whose parents are seen as unfit because it gives the children a chance to have a stable family life with grandparents or other people who love them instead of being thrust into foster care with strangers. 

The Family Lawyer in NYC mentioned that in such circumstances, a judge will rule in favor of the grandparents or others who know the child if it has been deemed that the biological parents are not capable of providing basic needs, like food, shelter and clothing. This comes as great news to grandparents and other relatives who do not want to see the children taken out of the context of their family because of the ineptitude of the parents. 

According to the Lawyer, it makes sense to allow the children to be raised by family members who are not their parents because it gives them stability in knowing that they are valued members of their family and that even though their biological parents may have been facing unforeseen circumstances that has labeled them unfit, they can continue to be appreciated and nurtured within the larger family unit that they have come to know. 

Reports received by the courts in New York City and Long Island suggest that drug and alcohol abuse can contribute to a biological parent losing custody of their children, as con domestic violence. Extenuating circumstances such as homelessness can also be cases in which another family member might win custody of the child if it is seen as being a solution that offers the child a better quality of life and stability. 

Determining custody and parental rights can be stressful and emotionally devastating, especially when one does not know all of the options available in such a situation.

A New York Family Attorney can help ease the struggle and pain in situations where the needs of the child must be taken into consideration. A reputable New York Family Attorney will represent you fairly, honestly and accurately. The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates with convenient locations thorughout the Metropolitan Area, including servicing Tribeca, NY City, can be of invaluable assistance to you if you find yourself a party to a case. Facing the Court without professional representation could lead to disastrous results.

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