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Edwards’ Daughter To Wed


The daughter of Elizabeth Edwards gave her mother the greatest piece of news she’d ever receive: she was getting married. Just days before Beth passed away after a long struggle with cancer, her daughter Cate let her know she was engaged to her longtime love, a doctor, said a New York City Family Lawyer. For Edwards, who has seen her life take on a roller coaster ride that few would ever endure for as long as she did, it was the news that helped her leave this world with a smile on her face. Reaction in Nassau and Suffolk Counties was very positive.

Cate is an anti-discrimination attorney in Washington D.C. and friends have said that she and her mother are remarkably similar. The two were as close as any mother and daughter could be, often chit chatting on the phone for hours on end about every little thing one could think of. Friends said that they even held their phones the same way!

For Beth, it was needed joy. After learning that her ex-husband, the famed John Edwards who famously ran as Vice President with John Kerry in a losing effort in 2004, had cheated on her in a high profile and public fashion, she was diagnosed with cancer, notes a New York City Family Lawyer. She had fought cancer once before, beating it back, but this latest return was considered much grimmer. Thankfully, before she died, she got to smile one last time knowing she would be a grandparent.

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