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Elgin Man Charged With DWI, Weapons and Arson

A New York Custody Lawyer says an Elgin man is facing a slew of charges after he tried to set fire to his apartment while his child was inside. The man was also found to be drunk and charged with an aggravated DWI after he was released on bond from the arson charge. The man was trying to get in to the apartment of his girlfriend, who is also the mother to their six children, and she would not let him inside. He hung around the complex for several hours and harassed other tenants.

The man stayed in the parking lot where he fell asleep in his vehicle. While he was asleep, the police showed up and noticed a butcher knife on the passenger seat. They awoke him and he instantly became belligerent towards them. He threatened that he was out to get the girl, and the police assume the reference was the girlfriend.

The man had two other charges dropped, armed violence and harassing a witness. He is still in jail, facing charges from the first and the second arrest. No bond was set since the other crimes were committed while he was out on bail for the arson. He is also facing a civil lawsuit by the insurance company. He is responsible for the damages caused by the fire he set and the legal fees to go to court over it.

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