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Actor Hired Attorney in $1Million Suit to Win His Own Dog Back


Sidney, two-year-old part golden retriever and part chow, was the center of attention in Manhattan Supreme Court. It was a short trip from the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, L.I. where Levine found and adopted him.

Sidney’s owner, Daniel Levine, is an actor who had to go on national tour of the Broadway show, “Chicago.” He was thrilled when his neighbor, Michaela Hewett, volunteered to care for Sidney while he was on the road.

Levine’s New York Custody Lawyer, said: “There has never been any question about who owned the dog. If he didn’t have to go on tour, he would have taken Sidney with him.”

When a few months later Levine called to make arrangements to have Sidney join him in California, Hewett would not let the dog go–she told him that if he said the dog was stolen, she would claim that he neglected and abandoned Sidney.

Actor Levin stated that he had been willing to spend his life savings to get his dog back, and filed a $1 Million suit against Hewett. “My reaction was utter shock and disbelief,” said Levine, who was working on the TV soap “General Hospital” when he returned to New York City.

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