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Fifteen Pound Four-Year-Old Girl Found Dead, According to New York City Family Lawyer


A four-year-old girl, severely malnourished, was found dead in a dirty Brooklyn apartment. There was evidence that she had been tied to her bed, New York Family Lawyers have learned.
The little girl weighed a scant 15 pounds. The bruises and marks on her ankles were indications that she had been tied with twine, police sources told a New York Family Lawyer. The cause of the child’s death is currently unknown, leaving police unsure if the case is one of horrific neglect or merely the tragic end of a child who had never been very healthy to begin with.
The Administration for Children’s Services had hired an outside agency to help the family, who was having trouble caring for the girl, but according to a New York Family Lawyer, the organization had failed to live up to its obligations. “My wife is a wonderful mother. I’ve never seen her hurt her kids,” said the girl’s father, 30, who is currently separated. “It’s hard for me to believe she would do anything like that.”
The girl was born prematurely, weighing not much more than a pound. She had spent almost her entirely life in hospitals. “She was beautiful, smart, and very playful,” the father said. He also said he knew nothing about his daughter being tied down.
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