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Heche Broke, Can’t Pay Child Support- A New York Family Attorney Can Help You


Anne Heche is strapped for money and can’t paychild and spousal support and wants to have her commitment lowered since the piece Men In Trees has been cancelled and she is out of work.

Heche has told the court that she is looking for work but these are difficult times because of the strike by the Union.

The court saw it her way and said she didn’t have to make her next payment to her former mate, Coley Laffoon. Heche does, however, must continue to provide info to the court in the upcoming months in order to avoid payments.

In New York, prior to filing a downward modification for child support you are still required to pay child support unless you get a temporary order from the court reducing the payments. The good news is if you are successful the reduction inthe child support is retroactive to the date of filing If this happens to you, don’t but your hard earned money at risk without hiinge a New York Family Lawyer to argue your case. “Since January 18, 2008, I have been unemployed and had no income from employment except for one very short-term contract for a movie role for which I received a total of $65,000, approximately the amount I received for one episode of Men In Trees, she writes.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates with convenient locations thorughout the Metropolitan Area including Richmond Hill, Queens can be of invaluable assistance to you if you find yourself a party to a family court case. Facing the Court without professional representation could lead to disasterous results

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