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The New York Family Court’s Goal is to Determine What is in the Best Interest of the Child. So hire a New York Family Court Lawyer to advocate for you


Kevin Federline’s lawyer is trying to rearrange the conditions of visitation rights–based on Brittany’s failure to act likeat least a decent parent.

Britney did not show up for a court date claiming she was not well even though she was said to be out the night before having one good ole time.

Word got back to the judge and he was not pleased to hear of this kind of conduct. This will probably have an effect on the decision he renders and cause Spears to re-evaluate the way she conducts herself.

Clients often hire private investigators to follow their adversaries during New York Custody cases

If you have a child custody case, before it turns into a battle, get sound legal advice from a New York Family Lawyer, be honest with your attorney–and follow his or her advice.

Stephen Bilkis & Associates, with many convenient locations throughout the New York area, including Manhattan, New York can provide you advice on child custody issues.

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