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Madonna Meets With McCartney’s Lawyer-Meet With A New York Family Lawyer If You’re Involved In a Divorce


Madonna has met with Paul McCartney’s divorce lawyer. She is denying rumors that she and her spouse Guy Ritchie are splitting up, but the rockstar has met with divorce lawyer Fiona Shackleton, who took on Heather Mills for Beatle Paul.

The female star is afraid that her fortune may be in jeopardy because she has no prenup with her husband.

It seems like the split is not being caused by something sensational. Friends say they are just out of love for one another and calling it a day is the best course for both parties.


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Divorce rumors have plagued Madonna and Guy, who’ve been married for seven years and have one child together, for a while now.

During the Cannes Film Festival, The Daily Mail of London ran a story about the couple’s imminent split, which was denied by both parties.

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