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YouTube Star, Husband Face Off in Court…A New York Family lawyer chimes in


Phil Smith who is President of The Shubert Organization claims that he is a private person and that his wife who is suing for divorce has embarrassed him beyond all reasonable terms.

His mate who is an actress decided to attack Smith on YouTube and then, tried to explain rants in a New York court this week.

Smith, 76, is suing his wife, British actress Tricia Walsh Smith, 49, for divorce on the grounds that the videos, which have were seen by millions, constitute spousal abuse. The couple is childless and thus no child support or custoday issues have arisen.

Smith had no experience with YouTube and was mortified by the way his private life was exposed on the medium.

The Broadway Producer said that he felt like he was violated in a very serious way.

If you or a family member is involved in a divorce proceeding, a New York Family Lawyer is essential for you. Given your circumstances a gag order can be requested by your Divorce Lawyer and can be issued by the judge to stop this from happening to you.

Many of the videos were taped in the couple’s apartment on Park Avenue. Walsh Smith maintains that Smith and his daughters of were trying to get her to leave the apartment, and says she found tons of Viagra belonging to Smith even though they didn’t have sexual relations.

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