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Unfit father learns of his child’s death eight years after his conviction


A convicted abuser that lost custody of his children more than eight years ago, recently heard the sad news that one of his twin children had been murdered by her adopted father and the other so severely abused, that he remains hospitalized.

The father of the abused children claimed to have done everything he could to keep custody of them back in 2004. He and his wife allegedly abused drugs and engaged in prostitution prior to the charges.

“This is hard,” the grieving father said Tuesday outside his apartment. “Imagine what I could be feeling right now.”

He added, “I never wanted to give up my parental rights, but they took my kids away. I did everything they asked me to do, but they took them away anyway.”

The children’s aunt and uncle had originally wanted to take care of the twins but the nature of the case and the charges against the parents made it very difficult for the state to allow this.

In a petition from the state, the father was found unfit because of domestic violence, abandonment and medical neglect. The man confessed to molesting a little girl in a taped interview with police as well. Officials are unsure where the mother is now, according to a New York Family Lawyer. “I haven’t seen her in years,” her husband said. “She suffered from several medical illnesses and had to take a lot of medication.”

The man’s children were found in the adopted father’s truck. The girl was dead and in a bag in the back of the truck and the boy was found in the front seat having a seizure with a chemical material on his body.

Police and the state Department of Children and Families are currently investigating the girl’s cause of death and the children’s living conditions, explained a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Caseworkers had visited the home and had described a healthy family environment. Yet, according to school records, teachers had filed many complaints that the children were dirty, injured and hungry.

Hoping for a fresh start the sad father said, “I just want my son to heal and get back to his life and then I want to be with my son.”

He added that he hoped his sister and brother-in-law would be granted temporary custody until he was found fit again and could fully recover.

Abuse and neglect are serious charges for a family and so difficult for children to endure. New York Family Attorneys specialize in Family Law and will help your family through difficult times. New York Family Attorneys can prepare your case and argue your side.

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