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Marriage Counselor Owed $10,000


A lady hired marriage counseling services in 2009 and the bills mounted up to $10,476. The fees were high because she wanted a Pennsylvania based counselor to fly to Los Angles for the counseling. Then she failed to pay any of the fees, or travel expenses. The couple has since received their divorce noted a New York Family Lawyer.

The woman is currently being sued by Creative Energy Options because she did not agree to pay them the money that she owed. The marriage counseling services were provided in 2009, but she refuses to pay.

The divorce between the couple was finalized in December 2009. But earlier in the year she is said to of hired a Pennsylvania based marriage counseling firm. She asked them to fly all the way to Los Angeles to offer counseling services. The company explained that she was made fully aware of the costs, and the fact that she would have to pay for traveling expenses.
However, after the services were provided she was unwilling to pay her debts. She would not pay for travel or service fees which has left the company out of pocket.

The company mentions that they have tried to contact the woman eight times asking for payment. However, she has failed to make any payments as of yet. This has forced them to sue to try and recover some of the money that they lost.

It’s thought that the woman was bitter that the marriage counseling did not work out as the marriage still ended. However, she has made a commitment. She agreed to pay the travel and service fees and that is what she must pay.

The services have been provided, and the company deserves payment for their time and investment. The case is currently still ongoing, although it is clear that the company will not give up with their demands for payment.

Whether you are going through a divorce, or need an order for protection, or have a custody issue, it is important to seek quality legal counsel to ensure that your rights are protected.

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