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Miley Cyrus’ Parents Divorce


Miley Cyrus is one of the most famous teenagers in the world. With hit music albums and singles, popular movies, clothing lines, and sell out concerts – not to mention all of her movie success – the teen queen is a billionaire on paper and an entertainment juggernaut. Unfortunately, she no longer has a nuclear family to come home to as her parents today announced they were getting a divorce, says a New York Family Lawyer. Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus told the world that their marriage of nearly twenty years was coming to an end. The couple had five children together, reports a New York Family Lawyer.

Billy Ray Cyrus was a country music star for years before his daughter caught the attention of everyone as Hannah Montana on the Disney Channel, notes a New York Family Lawyer. Billy Ray starred on the hit show with his daughter – playing her dad! (A role that must have been quite a stretch.) From there Billy Ray helped guide his daughter’s career to the point where the teen queen of the screen is one of the most recognizable figures on earth – all before her 18th birthday.

The couple appear to have split amicably as the released a press release jointly, notes a New York Family Lawyer. In it they thanked everyone for their support, thoughts, and prayers. They acknowledged the ugly truth of having to get a divorced but expressed their love for the children, says a New York Family Lawyer. It is unknown at this time how the divorce will affect Miley’s career – if it does at all.

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