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Billionaire Pays Child Support for Child That Isn’t His


A man with not millions but billions of dollars is a little poorer and a child is a little richer, all this after a settlement was reached between the man, his ex-wife, and his “child,” reports a New York Family Lawyer. The billionaire will pay a one time lump sum of ten million dollars and then make monthly payments of one hundred thousand dollars for at least the next seven years – after which he will continue paying the child fifty thousand dollars.

Oh, and the best part: the child is not his.

The mother has admitted that she faked the DNA results in an effort to secure money from the now ninety three year old billionaire, says a New York Family Lawyer. The woman and the billionaire had been romantically linked for years but had only been legally married for twenty eight days before divorcing.

It was always an odd case and one of Hollywood’s most infamous, notes a New York Family Lawyer. The billionaire’s attorney had been accused of ordering the ex-wife’s phones tapped in an effort to glean more information – to dig up dirt, so to speak. Things went sour when the taps were discovered and the private eye who made the taps is currently in jail while the attorney is out on bail pending his appeal, reports a New York Family Lawyer.

In addition to paying millions of dollars to support a child that is not his, the billionaire has also agreed to pay for the child’s educational expenses, food, cars, horse back riding lessons, clothing, tutoring, birthday parties, and more.

Child support payments can be difficult waters to navigate in a post-divorce settlement and a skilled New York Family Attorney is a must to help. If you find yourself in such a situation contact a New York Family Attorney today.

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