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Mills a ‘Gold Digger


Michele Elyzabeth claims that Heather Mills for whom she once worked is a liar and has misled her and everybody else on the planet as far as what kind of person Mills is. This comes a few weeks after Michele stopped doing publicity for the former wife of Beatle Paul McCartney.

Elyzabeth says that false stories about McCartney were leaked by Mills and that she even has Paul’s phone bugged. She recorded conversations and played them for the then publicist. One of the recordings was between McCartney and his daughter. Mills wore gloves so that her finger prints would not show up.

In the tapped phone conversation with his daughter, Stella, Paul complains that Mills is driving him nuts with her craziness. Elyzabeth comes to the conclusion that Mills was in this for the money alone. The gold digger came out on top as she was given a 50 million dollar settlement back In March when the divorce was granted. NY Family Lawyers in Nassau and Suffolk Counties have taken note of this particular case and are aware of the outcome.

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