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New Book Says More Americans See Gays as Families

A new book asserts that more than half of all Americans view married same-sex partners as families, a New York Family Lawyer has learned. In fact, most appear to consider unmarried gay or lesbian couples to be a family, as well. This same book also has studies from the New York Times that show more than ever consider homosexuality to be an inborn natural trait.
This is not the end of the story, however, New York Family Lawyers have learned. There is a lot to celebrate in the new book, from the view point of those who advocate gay rights, but there are a few points of contention, as well. Some coverage of the study from the Associated Press uncovers some details that are not quite as cheering, including this part: “There’s a solid core resisting this trend who are more willing to include pets in their definition than same-sex partners.” This solid core is about 30 percent, according to a New York Family Lawyer. A lead researcher in the study had an understated reply: “The sheer idea that gay couples are given less status than pets should give us pause.”
As families change, or even the view of families change, so does family law. You’ll need a New York Family Attorney to help you untangle all the laws you’ll encounter when family matters intersect with legal matters. Your case is important and should be allowed to have the best possible resolution. A New York Family Attorney can provide that.

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