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International Legal Dispute Over Foster Expenses: A NY Family Lawyer Reports


The state of Oregon has engaged in a rare battle against a Canadian woman over the costs of more than two years of foster care, a New York Family Lawyer reports.
The mother lost custody of her 12-year-old son after leaving him with his stepfather for the summer in 2008, and regained custody in June of 2010. The state would like her to pay for the cost of foster care, which amounts to about $24,000 per year. The charges are being disputed in a Canadian court.
“Not only were we dragged into a broken system, now they’re saying, ‘You must pay for this,’” the mother told a New York Family Lawyer. She did not discuss the legal details, including the actual cost of the care. All questions were referred to her attorney, who was unavailable to answer at the time.
New York Family Lawyers state that such international disputes are rare. State governments usually try to get reimbursed by other states. “States are federally required to do this,” a law professor from the University of Baltimore told a New York Family Lawyer. He also said, however, “At least they’re supposed to exercise discretion before referring a case for enforcement.”
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