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Popular Nip/Tuck Star Files for Divorce


Dylan Walsh, uber sexy star of the FX hit series Nip/Tuck, has chosen to have a lifestyle makeover of his own and has filed for divorce from his wife of six years, according to reports from a New York Family Lawyer. Yet another Hollywood romance left in pieces.

Walsh, a youthful 47, is best known for his role as Dr. Sean McNamara, an emotive plastic surgeon on the FX series Nip/Tuck who is notoriously good at fixing what people don’t like about themselves but runs into a host of ways that his own life is broken in the process. Walsh is an American who has also acted in dozens of movie and television performances, including Soldier Boy and Kate & Allie.

Walsh cited the commonly muttered justification of irreconcilable differences with his wife of six years, actress Joanna Going, who is best known for her many roles in made- for-television movies and who is also to star with actor Sean Penn in the upcoming movie release The Tree of Life.

Walsh is filing for joint custody of their daughter, Stella, who is nine, according to reports. One New York Family Lawyer is quick to point out that Hollywood marriages are not immune to the problems of typical marital agreements, citing more than irreconcilable differences.

Do actors ask for this type of treatment when choosing their profession and gaining that level of super stardom that makes a normal life obsolete? Is it any wonder that so many Hollywood marriages fail? Life in the spotlight may be warm and bright, but it makes every dark shadow come alive.

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