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Can Gay Divorce Be Legal if Gay Marriage is Not? Gender Inconsistencies


According to reports filed by a vocal New York Family Lawyer, our legal system is skewed when it comes to the rights of gays and lesbians to marry and to divorce. It is one of the most perilous social dilemmas of all time, and it encroaches upon people’s freedoms and civil liberties, removing choice and breeding resentment and struggle. Who has the right to tell another person whom he or she may love or not love?

According to reports issued by the New York Family Lawyer, many people see the illegality of gay marriages as a social control tactic using gender based abuse and indifference as weapons that erode the very foundation of liberty in this country. This resistance to basic human rights is very real and very detrimental to the lives and relationships of people who cannot legally be with the ones that they love, and who cannot express that love as a binding legal commitment like anyone else.

In his report, the New York Family Lawyer also asks questions about the inconsistencies of the rights of gay people to get married and divorced in some states but not others, in which case their choice of life path, their love and devotion, goes completely un-noticed by the state officials as if it never existed, while across the border in Massachusetts, it becomes recognized and legally represented.

How long will the United States be so ridiculously divided on something that is as much of a civil rights issue as is abortion or human trafficking? When we finally bridge this gender bending drama and realize that we each have the right to choose our life path, respect and honor can be allowed to flourish.

Contact a New York Family Attorney when you have questions regarding same sex marriage or divorce in your state. A good New York Family Attorney will acknowledge your rights and respect your position.

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