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School’s Laptop’s Rigged to Spy On Families Reports New York Family Lawyers

What should the families involved in a situation where school officials are using laptops to spy on them? It seems that we make jokes about Big Brother quite often but in this case, it is more like Spying Schools. New York Family Lawyers can help the family’s sort out exactly what has occurred in this particular situation.

The laptops were basically school-issued equipment but were rigged with web cams without the knowledge of the students or parents. And, the officials at the lower Merion School District declined to comment on the accusations. It seems that many of the families were observed in compromising situations and obviously are unhappy.

The students in this school were angry enough to revolt by putting tape on the laptop’s camera and microphones. The sophomore students taped up the computers and seem to be simply disgusted that the school officials were even trying to watch his every move. The cameras were thought to have recorded various family members as they undressed. New York Family Lawyers know as well as the students, parents and school officials that this is simply not appropriate.

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