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San Antonio Boy Returned to Mother, Reports New York Family Lawyer


An 11-year-old boy was removed from a school bus in San Antonio in October of 2009, according to a New York Family Lawyer, by Bexar County constables acting on a court order. The boy’s father was scheduled to be in court the following Monday, but neither the boy or his father were seen again until June of 2010.
A French court subsequently granted custody of the boy to his mother. The father will face charges of kidnapping, aggravated perjury and interfering with child custody, sources told a New York Family Laywer.
A district attorney is attempting to extradite the father, but the district attorney’s office expects some resistance from the French government. The First Assistant District Attorney says the French do not generally extradite their own citizens. New York Family Lawyers have explained that unless the father should return to the United States or Mexico, there is nothing further than can do to him.
“That certainly makes Texas a safe place for the mother and child,” the First Assistant District Attorney told a New York Family Lawyer. Both mother and child are back in San Antonio as of this writing.
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