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New York Yankees Star’s Marriage in Shambles-If This Happens to you in get a New York Family Lawyer on your team


The marriage of Alex “ARod” and Cynthia Rodriguez has come to an end. Papers were filed today in Miami and the divorce is in the works.

As part of the divorce there are going to be child support and child custody issues. In New York, says a New York Family Lawyer becasue of the salary that ARod makes. There is a wide range to deal with.

The third baseman has made no reference to his reported relationship with Madonna, who said that there was nothing going on between she and ARod.

The couple has been married for six years and reside in Miami as well as New York City.

Cynthia Rodriguez is petitioning for custody of the two children, and is asking for substantial child support and alimony.

The children are both girls, Natasha Alexander and Ella Alexander who is a newborn of a few months.

The filing comes as Arod has been linked to Madonna and CRod is being rumored to have started a relationship with singer, Lenny Kravitz, who maintained that he was just providing a safe haven for the woman and denied anything improper.

Cynthia Rodriguez’s attorney said that the case had no mention of Madonna or any other woman said to be involved with her husband.

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