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Father Uses Facebook to Win Custody of Child according to a NY Family Lawyer


More and more people aren’t just living their life, they’re living their life for all the world to see. From Myspace to Twitter to Facebook people are taking some of their most intimate moments and putting it out for everyone with a computer and some time to view, stare at, and digest, says a New York Family Lawyer. Some times these posting can be innocent and may cause some embarrassment in the morning but other times social networking website have lead to serious consequences. Lives have been lost, careers destroyed, and as one mother learned children taken away, reports a New York Family Lawyer.

But for the father of the child Facebook was a life saver. The father had serious suspicions that his ex-wife was not taking proper care of his child, reports a New York Family Lawyer. He long thought she was associating with people of low moral character and putting his child in a not safe at all environment. His only problem was he had no concrete proof. That is, he had no concrete proof until Facebook came along. The man hopped online and began surveying his ex-wife’s Facebook profile webpage, says a New York Family Lawyer. He immediately had access to hundreds of photos, photos that showed the woman engaging in semi-nude public activity with another woman and hanging out with a man recklessly brandishing a semi automatic weapon.

The man was able to use this photos to convince a judge to drug test the woman. When she failed the test the man was awarded custody of his child. It is just one more example of how people living their lives online is changing the way people live their lives off line.

Navigating the waters of pre and post divorce relationships, particularly when children are involved, is difficult and tricky. Contacting a New York Family Attorney ensures your rights are protected.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates with convenient locations thorughout the Metropolitan Area, including servicing Harlem, N.Y., can be of invaluable assistance to you if you find yourself a party to a case. Facing the Court without professional representation could lead to disastrous results.

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