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Axe-Wielding Man Shot Outside Daycare


A man carrying an axe outside an in-home childcare facility in the community of Glenn Dale, in the District of Columbia area, was shot and killed by three police officers, authorities said.

The incident happened just before 3 p.m., a Prince George’s County Police spokesman told a NY Family Lawyer. According to the spokesman, officers were sent there to look into reports of an armed man around the daycare.

The suspect was part of a child custody dispute and wanted to take his children from the daycare. The daycare provider called the children’s mother, the police spokesman said, and the mother told the provider not to release the children to their father.

After that, the police spokesman revealed, the provider called police.

When the officers arrived, the police spokesman said, the man had already left the premises. Officers remained on the scene, and eventually the man returned, while at least one officer was still there.

Details of the shooting are still being investigated. According to him, the suspect emerged from his vehicle with an axe in hand and approached three officers.

“The officers felt threatened and they discharged their firearms,” he said.

The man was shot a number of times and pronounced dead on the scene, the police spokesman said. There were no other people injured.

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