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Dwight Gooden, 46 and a former Mets and Yankee star, was recently sentenced to five years of probation for driving under the influence while taking his young son to school. He had cocaine and sleeping pills in his system.

Gooden faced three years in prison due to an earlier plea agreement, but a Superior Court judge said the defendant deserved another chance to eradicate his addiction. New York Family Attorneys report that the judge referred to Gooden as a decent guy with a good shot at “finishing the game.” He said that the National Cy Young Award winner of 1985 should think of himself as a fourth-inning pitcher being hammered by the batters of the opposing team. His coaches are considering taking him out of the game. In this analogy, the judge was saying that being removed from the game would result in ruining his legacy, embarrassing and possibly alienating his children, missing a significant portion of their childhood, or even death. And it’s up to Gooden to decide if he wants to play with the attitude of staying in the game.

The prosecutor tried to sway the judge’s decision by citing Gooden’s history. The former MLB player has a slew of failed treatments under his belt. The prosecuting attorney insisted that the former baseball star should have to serve time in prison because he didn’t deserve or qualify for special probation.

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