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A man and a woman fell in love in 1976. They moved in together for five years. And their relationship produced a daughter. During this time, the couple used and dealt drugs. Both of them were apprehended and charged with possession of controlled substances. A New York Family Lawyer said the woman pleaded guilty and was put on probation. Since that time, she has been drug-free.

Her husband was imprisoned but was later released on parole. While on parole, he became a fugitive. He left New York and could not be located. He called his wife after a few months and asked her to leave New York and travel to Chicago, Illinois to join him there. The wife refused because it would be breaking the conditions of her probation and it would endanger the life of her daughter. From that time the woman had not had any contact with her husband.

While they were together, the husband supported their child intermittently because his work as a painter was intermittent. When her husband became a fugitive the support ended. The woman was forced to get a job and move in with her mother who took care of her baby while she was away at work.

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A child support hearing was held in Atlanta Georgia in late January, in the wake of the brutal murder of the child’s mother in the spring of 2009, said a New York Family Lawyer with knowledge of the case.

The boy’s parents, who the New York Family Lawyer said were involved in a protracted custody dispute, were making a routine custody exchange in the parking lot of a Target chain store in Snellville, Georgia in April of 2009 when the murder occurred. Investigators said that the boy was present at the scene, and hid in his mother’s parked car at the time of the incident.

Present at the child support hearing, which took place on Monday, January the 31st, were the child’s father, as well as the parents of the child’s deceased mother. This hearing comes close on the heels of a custody trial for the boy, which took place in June of 2010 and awarded custody of the boy to the mother’s parents. It is not known why custody was not awarded to the father. In Manhattan and Queens, the mother is usually awarded custody.

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